In times of deceit

I’m following the current Occupy Wallstreet movement in the US with great interest. There are so many different individuals, causes and organizations participating, making it difficult to get a clear picture of what this is really about. I will try to update this post with links to articles and other material that explains what is… Fortsett å lese In times of deceit

Telestreet: The Italian Media Jacking Movement

«A short documentary exploring Italy’s Telestreet phenomena, a network of close to 200 micro pirate TV transmitters that begun in the summer of 2002 to counter the media monopoly of Silvio Berlusconi. Perhaps the most interesting tactical media initiative of recent times, the TeleStreet network combines both old and new media, lo-tech and hi-tech. The… Fortsett å lese Telestreet: The Italian Media Jacking Movement

The Blair watch project

Image via Wikipedia Introducing the Blair watch project from Guardian Unlimited: Election 2005 «Devoted Guardian readers will have read Oliver Burkeman’s account of trying to keep track of Tony Blair in Dorset South yesterday, in which he describes how misdirection sent reporters scampering across southern England, in a ‘meandering day-trip’ in search of the prime… Fortsett å lese The Blair watch project