My first successful bread!

Published mars 21st, 2010 by

My first successful bread!, originally uploaded by mskogly.

I don’t usually write about cooking on this site but I have to make an exception today, after a very successful attempt at making bread.

I’ve tried a few times before and I’ve always ended up with an inedible bricks more suited for killing mutants and bears, but I found a recipe today that didn’t involve kneading at all, and which uses a cast iron pot to get that perfect mix between juicy insides and a nice crunchy crust. And it turned out absolutely fantastic! I’m so excited to find out if it tastes as good as i looks!

Update: It tastes fantastic too! It’s really heavy, but easy to cut, has a perfect crust, and is still very moist and lovely. Yum! It has pockets of air inside like the pros get. I’m so pleased with myself. I actually had to send an email to Andreas Viestad to thank him :)

Recipe in Norwegian:

There is an english recipe available from the New York Times.

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