Happy birthday to GNU!

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Just got a heads up that the wonderful people over at GNU used one of my pictures in their Happy Birthday to GNU-video. I am of course a big fan of open source in all shapes and forms, so this is simply an honor and a delight! I said jokingly to my wife that “it felt like as if the Dalai Lama had quoted me”, which of course is a SLIGHT exaggeration, but you get the point. I am not a great photographer, so when someone, anyone wants to use an image it simply makes me REALLY REALLY HAPPY!

See the video below, or go to http://www.gnu.org/fry/ to view or download the original.

It’s probably a coincidence, but this is the third time in just a few months where someone has used one of my images in some way. They are all on flickr.com and they all have Creative Commons licences, most of them for commercial use as well, making it easy for anyone to use them as they wish. I am not a professional photographer, so I really have no urge to sell them. If anyone want to use them, then fine!

So, these are the images that people have picked:

Hesttrøa 7 - New bathroom project
photo credit: mskogly

Now, this image of my plumbing is just awful, and I suppose that was the point. I took it as documentation before renovation, it sure ain’t art. But still, it is wonderful to be wanted!

River Walk, San Antonio, Texas
photo credit: mskogly

The San Antonio River Walk is quite a sight, it was a big surprise to find such a lush place in the middle of the city, and after having my senses numbed by the wasteland of the US highway system. A small version of this image is in use on a site called Scmap, go to
www.schmap.com/sanantonio/tours_tour3/p=2048D03/i=2048D03_10.jpg and take a look in the right hand corner. The image was also printed in the Fifth Edition of the Scmap San Antonio Guide. Schmap also makes their guide available in widget form, letting you embed the guide in your blog etc, looks something like this.

And the last image so far:

Highway, Houston
photo credit: mskogly

This Highway-picture was used in an article about Houston in an online magazine for expatriates called Global Connection. I don’t have access to it, so I don’t know what the finished article looks like.

The open source principle VS. the need for an income
I have followed a few debates about how “amateur photographers” encrouch on the livelihood of professionals, making it harder to make a living. There might be some merit to this, but I also believe that there is room for both. The access to cheap or free images makes it easier for more people to create, to write about and promote good things. Just like Google Maps and other map apis created an explosion in new services and mashups, sites like Flickr with a well organized way to search for pictures published with a suitable creative commons licence will lead to a richer flora of online and printed works. And I believe that the work will be a better world for it. Imagine the price of creating a school textbook “in the old days”, it would cost a small fortune in royalties for the images used, often images used purely as illustration of a concept (like pollution). These days, a writer, teacher or pupil for that matter could do a quick search on Flickr and find just about anything they need, for free, and with the permission to use the material in eighter a commercial or non-profit setting. Magic!

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Tur til Torghatten

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En veldig blid Sarah.


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Foto: Mina Hadjian får tatovert 1ern i 2ern

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mina tattovering

Radiovert Mina Hadjian fikk terningkast 1 for sin tv-serie på NRK, og bestemte seg for å ta en Ari Behn og få foreviget det hele i form av en tatovering. I rompesprekken. Mens hun hadde livesending på P3.


VG | Nettavisen

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Rachael & Ruby – With Dead Animals, originally uploaded by merkley???.

Merkley??? is worth checking out, I actually had a hard time deciding which photo to blog, there are so many great ones, but I ended up with this one. Check it out.

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Bazooka boppers in concert

Published mai 16th, 2006 by

bazooka boppers

I love this band. Took these a few years ago at Bylarm in Bergen…

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Lost and found portraits

Published desember 15th, 2005 by

lost and found

I found these a few minutes ago in a parking garage, probably from some poor guy/girl who got their wallet lifted. Readymade art.

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Lost City of Atlantis: Photos Underwater – Divester

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Update, 8th of february 2009: The Divester server seem to have lost some of it’s images, so I’m looking around for alternativer sources…

Photo: www.atlantiscaymanbrac.com

Plato spoke of the seaport of Atlantis that the Gods had destroyed when its inhabitants had become corrupt and greedy. Ancient mythology has met with modern day fantasy however, in a visionary project by Cayman artist Foots in the waters off Cayman Brac.

Every statue he sculpts is of a real person he know.

“-My subjects… Friends, family and people that I have encountered throughout my life. ”

The project has also enabled some environmental improvements:

stone with which I sculpt is a very porous stone, enabling algae to grow and providing substanance for
our sea-life. We have “literally” seen the sea-life population in and around Atlantis Cayman Brac explode!”

In addition to being a magnet on divers from all over the world, the 16 acre underwater artwork is also a memorials / cemetary, where people can pay $2000 to have their ashes placed.

Sign me up!

More: http://www.atlantiscaymanbrac.com/gallery.html

Interview with the artist:

Sinking the Lost City of Atlantis, Part 1

Sinking the Lost City of Atlantis, Part 2

Sinking the Lost City of Atlantis, part 3

Sinking the Lost City of Atlantis, part 4

Lost City of Atlantis: Photos Underwater – Divester

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I am thinking of you

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Originally uploaded by AnomalousNYC.

Wonderful photoproject, and an important message to the Katrina victims.

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I want to go to Burning Man!

Published mai 5th, 2005 by

Originally uploaded by flow photo.

Desert Flag
Originally uploaded by flow photo.

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Portrait of King Harald, King of Norway

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King Harald, King of Norway as Andy Warhol would have portraited him.

King Harald, King of Norway

Our Queen Sonja was actually portraited by Warhol in his famous polaroid-to-silkscreen-technique, and I got the idea for this image when reading a book about the artist. I thought it unfair to our king that only the Queen should be portraited. So I made this, based on the colors of one of Warhols best known portraits of Marilyn Monroe.

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