Foto: Mina Hadjian får tatovert 1ern i 2ern

Radiovert Mina Hadjian fikk terningkast 1 for sin tv-serie på NRK, og bestemte seg for å ta en Ari Behn og få foreviget det hele i form av en tatovering. I rompesprekken. Mens hun hadde livesending på P3. Presse: VG | Nettavisen [flickr_set captions=”true” show_descriptions=”true” id=”72157604485514986″]


Rachael & Ruby – With Dead Animals, originally uploaded by merkley???. Merkley??? is worth checking out, I actually had a hard time deciding which photo to blog, there are so many great ones, but I ended up with this one. Check it out.

Lost City of Atlantis: Photos Underwater – Divester


Update, 8th of february 2009: The Divester server seem to have lost some of it’s images, so I’m looking around for alternativer sources… Plato spoke of the seaport of Atlantis that the Gods had destroyed when its inhabitants had become corrupt and greedy. Ancient mythology has met with modern day fantasy however, in a visionary… Fortsett å lese Lost City of Atlantis: Photos Underwater – Divester

Michael Wolf, Hong Kong population density

MICHAEL WOLF | PHOTOGRAPHY | HONGKONG One of the most densely populated metropolitan areas in the world, Hong Kong has an overall density of nearly 6,700 people per square kilometer. The majority of its citizens live in flats in high-rise buildings. In Architecture of Density, Wolf investigates these vibrant city blocks, finding a mesmerizing abstraction… Fortsett å lese Michael Wolf, Hong Kong population density