Inspired by – issue #2

A collection of a few things I have enjoyed looking at, playing with or thinking about recently. Also check out the previous issue for more inspiration.

#1. My little Darth Vader!
My little Darth Vader
The result is part toy, part activism, part art, and 100% fun, when artist Mari Kasurinen creates her own versions of My Little PonyMari has made over 20 unique designs, several taken from Star Wars, but you will also find Edward Scissorhands, Superman, and Chutulu in her collection. Genious! And of course: My Little Catwoman!

#2. Where would you like to wake up tomorrow?

Fifty People, One Question: Brooklyn from Fifty People, One Question on Vimeo.

#3. Slow Sync Flash
Praha 2009
Me, taken by Kim, in Praha.

Slow Sync Flash is cool technique you can use to up pictures taken in dark conditions (for instance when getting hammered at a party). Learn how to do it over at

#4. Isabelita, taking a bath with aubergines
Yum!I like eating fruit while taking showers, but this! Must buy some aubergines asap.

#5. Cook in brain

#6. Terry Francis Poster.
I love the colors used here, as well as the overall estetic.

(Via Webdesignerdepot)

#7. The 1000 journals project

1000 journals is getting it’s own documentary, and designer Linda Zacks made this animated title sequence for it.

#8. Ryan Ford, designer .
Ryan Ford: Designer & Typographer
Every gun should be like this.

#9. EcoHero.
EcoHero : Save The Broken Planet
Nice looking flash-game. Seems to be a student project. A little rough around the edges perhaps, and short, but interesting. Could become something.

#10. 100 years of movie special effects in 5 minutes

(ps: turn off the sound, the music will rot your ears)

Av Morten Skogly

Creator of Things