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Homage to TED.com

Hello, my name is Morten, and I’m a TED.com addict. (“-Hello Morten”).

TED is definitely my favorite source for inspiration and ideas. I’ve spent countless hours watching and listening to all those facinating talks over the years. So what better place to look for inspiration for my new header?

The original: Ideas worth spreading

I’ve been testing out a few colors for my header the last few days, and one if the things I’ve tried is using a warm orange, or stronger red on the logo and when hovering over the main navigation. The TED logo must have been lingering in the back of my mind, because today I suddenly realized that what I was working on was basically a TED lookalike. So I simply decided to go all out, and create as complete a duplicate to the TED logo as I could, with my own little twist on their lovely slogan “Ideas worth spreading”. Pappmaskin.no is also all about spreading ideas (what other reason for running a website?), but it is also about making things, and making things happen.

My version – Things worth making

I have a feeling that I won’t be running this particular header for long, but I think it is a nice way to pay tribute to the most important website in the world. And please don’t tell TED about this, as I’ve probably spent at least 15 minutes in GIMP making this. If their lawyers comes after me for plagiarism all that time would have been wasted. And yes, that was a joke :)


The red TED color has the HEX #FF2B06, and the grey looks like #595959.


Helvetica Neue LT Std Heavy Expanded and Helvetica Neue LT Std Light. The TED logo doesn’t quite match Helvetica, at least not Heavy Expanded, and I believe it is hand made, but Helvetica is what they recomment TEDx organizers to use, and it looks pretty nice as well, though not identical.

Color by COLOURlovers

Color by COLOURlovers

Found Inspiration

Inspired by – issue #2

A collection of a few things I have enjoyed looking at, playing with or thinking about recently. Also check out the previous issue for more inspiration.

#1. My little Darth Vader!
My little Darth Vader
The result is part toy, part activism, part art, and 100% fun, when artist Mari Kasurinen creates her own versions of My Little PonyMari has made over 20 unique designs, several taken from Star Wars, but you will also find Edward Scissorhands, Superman, and Chutulu in her collection. Genious! And of course: My Little Catwoman!



A Guide to Girl Watching

The Girl Watcher
June 1959 Issue of The Girl Watcher.


Vintage cars

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Found Personal

19-foot interactive table from Second Story

Groups of visitors delve into music and words on this large-format interactive table to explore the diversity of the musical landscape and the interconnections between musical genres.

This 19-foot interactive table unfolds the musical landscape for visitors in an elegant, intuitive interface alive with music and sound visualizations. Stepping up to the table, which consists of an interactive surface, in eight segments, that can accommodate up to 20 listeners through headphones and earbud jacks, visitors first experience a unique 13-minute soundtrack—a melding of diverse songs—as they view a flowing stream of genre names that make up the main navigational element. As visitors select genres, images of key artists or cultural events and excerpts of representative songs, in addition to detailed descriptions of the genre, allow visitors to gain a sense of the character of each genre they browse. The interrelations among musical forms within this range of musical diversity are brought into focus with animations that highlight related genres, or “crossovers.” Rich content for over 150 genres is right at visitors’ fingertips in this fluid, continuous experience that is both an opportunity for learning about new genres and enjoying music.

Second Story Interactive Studios

Since 1994, Second Story has conceptualized, designed, and developed interactive media experiences in diverse formats that enchant, inform, and entertain—pioneering ever more effective ways to inspire wonder and connect audiences to ideas and information.


Retroactif Vol.2

Retroactif Vol.2 – The Seven Deadly Sins ?


The real reason why Brazil beat Turkey in the 2002 world cup

It pays to have the right kind of supporters.



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