ReMorten v0.1 – Part 1

Published august 23rd, 2017 by

The ReMorten Project: A telepresence robot platform using nodejs running on the Raspberry Pi. Because why not.


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FrankenDog – DIY animatronics – Bringing a dead i-cybie robot dog back to life

Published november 2nd, 2009 by


Do you have dead toys lying around? In this video tutorial I give new life to a dead i-Cybie robot dog whose “brain” was destroyed after it short circuited and almost caught fire. Learn how to animate the dead!


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H1N1 – The worlds loneliest little robot

Published september 21st, 2009 by

The makers of the H1N1 robot-line soon came to regret their choice of name as sales numbers plummeted. The H1N1 was soon replaced by the wildly successful R2D2-line.

The H1N1, here holding a tasty complementary H1N1-beverage that came with each model sold.

The last remaining H1N1 know to exist was last seen roaming the deserts of Mexico.


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