Mini-DIY: How to make your own Laptop mounted Document Holder

Published november 14th, 2009 by

Mini DIY - Homemade Laptop Document Holder

Silje wants a document holder for christmas, and I’m googling to find one that attaches to her laptop screen. But until I can find something to buy I wanted to try to build her one, to tie her over.

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FrankenDog – DIY animatronics – Bringing a dead i-cybie robot dog back to life

Published november 2nd, 2009 by


Do you have dead toys lying around? In this video tutorial I give new life to a dead i-Cybie robot dog whose “brain” was destroyed after it short circuited and almost caught fire. Learn how to animate the dead!


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DIY: Play Rock band 2 with a real guitar and boxing gloves

Published oktober 28th, 2009 by


This how-to takes you through the steps you need to hook your Rock Band guitar controller up to a real guitar. And, of course, to a pair of boxing-gloves.

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DIY: Spill Rock Band 2 med ekte gitar og boksehansker!

Published oktober 27th, 2009 by


Update! International visitors may want to jump over to the English version of the how-to article on how you easily can create a controller that lets you play Rock Band 2 or DJ Hero with a real guitar and a pair of boxing gloves.

Føler du deg også som en pingle når du spiller Guitar hero eller Rock Band med en av disse små lekegitarene i plast? Skulle du ønske du kunne spille ekte gitar SAMTIDIG som du spiller Rock Band? Og kunne du tenke deg å få dask av en jente med boksehansker mens du spiller? Da er det bare å fortsette å lese!


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DIY: How-to repair a broken iPhone 3G glass front panel for about $24

Published september 11th, 2009 by

meg med knust iphone

Want to find out how to repair / replace the glass front panel on your broken iPhone 3G? Read my complete tutorial to learn how.


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