DIY: Creating a flickrering garden lantern triggered by the wind

Published januar 13th, 2009 by


Make it and hang it in your garden, and watch it blink away happily when the wind blows. Check out photos and video from the build.


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DIY for kids: Toy Art Car Project!

Published oktober 4th, 2008 by

Noah (6) and Leo (4) creates their own “art car“. A great environmentally friendly DIY project to do with your kids.

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Published mars 4th, 2007 by

Pixelpeople is a series of digital portraits I made many years ago, back when I still had time to frolick. Some of them are stillframes grabbed from heavily compressed Real Video, which where know for creating rather strange artifacts in their encoding. Others are still frames from television, I believe one of them is even based on a still from Baywatch :). I was inspired by Dave McKean at the time, so that is where the layers of textures came from on some of the portraits.

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Open source design – Vector Apple vs Pear logo

Published februar 26th, 2007 by


I made a new header for my blog today, and I just wanted to share a few vector files for those interested in using it, or whatever.

The logo is, as you can see, based on the apple logo (duh!), but I changed it into a pear, and made the BITE larger. Why? Because I like pears. A lot! :)

The files:

pear-logo2.ai (for adobe illustrator)
pear-logo.fla (for adobe flash)


I’m using Adobe Flash more and more for pure design work, most of the sites I create are flash based, so I usually just start prototyping in Flash, not in Photoshop like most. I still use Photoshop exstensively of course, but very seldom for creating dummy layouts, it is just faster to do it in Flash. I suppose it’s a matter of preference, most designers will use Illustrator for creating their work, but since I work web and flash, using Illustrator just slows me down, it’s another tool to buy and learn, that doesn’t add much value compared to Flash and Photoshop. For my use that is.


Use it for whatever you want. :) I don’t mind (but Apple might.) But please drop me a line if you use it. Make my day!

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Portrait of King Harald, King of Norway

Published mai 4th, 2005 by

King Harald, King of Norway as Andy Warhol would have portraited him.

King Harald, King of Norway

Our Queen Sonja was actually portraited by Warhol in his famous polaroid-to-silkscreen-technique, and I got the idea for this image when reading a book about the artist. I thought it unfair to our king that only the Queen should be portraited. So I made this, based on the colors of one of Warhols best known portraits of Marilyn Monroe.

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