Homage to TED.com

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Hello, my name is Morten, and I’m a TED.com addict. (“-Hello Morten”).

TED is definitely my favorite source for inspiration and ideas. I’ve spent countless hours watching and listening to all those facinating talks over the years. So what better place to look for inspiration for my new header?

The original: Ideas worth spreading

I’ve been testing out a few colors for my header the last few days, and one if the things I’ve tried is using a warm orange, or stronger red on the logo and when hovering over the main navigation. The TED logo must have been lingering in the back of my mind, because today I suddenly realized that what I was working on was basically a TED lookalike. So I simply decided to go all out, and create as complete a duplicate to the TED logo as I could, with my own little twist on their lovely slogan “Ideas worth spreading”. Pappmaskin.no is also all about spreading ideas (what other reason for running a website?), but it is also about making things, and making things happen.

My version – Things worth making

I have a feeling that I won’t be running this particular header for long, but I think it is a nice way to pay tribute to the most important website in the world. And please don’t tell TED about this, as I’ve probably spent at least 15 minutes in GIMP making this. If their lawyers comes after me for plagiarism all that time would have been wasted. And yes, that was a joke :)


The red TED color has the HEX #FF2B06, and the grey looks like #595959.


Helvetica Neue LT Std Heavy Expanded and Helvetica Neue LT Std Light. The TED logo doesn’t quite match Helvetica, at least not Heavy Expanded, and I believe it is hand made, but Helvetica is what they recomment TEDx organizers to use, and it looks pretty nice as well, though not identical.

Color by COLOURlovers

Color by COLOURlovers

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A Guide to Girl Watching

Published april 27th, 2009 by

The Girl Watcher
June 1959 Issue of The Girl Watcher.

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Open source design – Vector Apple vs Pear logo

Published februar 26th, 2007 by


I made a new header for my blog today, and I just wanted to share a few vector files for those interested in using it, or whatever.

The logo is, as you can see, based on the apple logo (duh!), but I changed it into a pear, and made the BITE larger. Why? Because I like pears. A lot! :)

The files:

pear-logo2.ai (for adobe illustrator)
pear-logo.fla (for adobe flash)


I’m using Adobe Flash more and more for pure design work, most of the sites I create are flash based, so I usually just start prototyping in Flash, not in Photoshop like most. I still use Photoshop exstensively of course, but very seldom for creating dummy layouts, it is just faster to do it in Flash. I suppose it’s a matter of preference, most designers will use Illustrator for creating their work, but since I work web and flash, using Illustrator just slows me down, it’s another tool to buy and learn, that doesn’t add much value compared to Flash and Photoshop. For my use that is.


Use it for whatever you want. :) I don’t mind (but Apple might.) But please drop me a line if you use it. Make my day!

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Vintage cars

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The Shawshank Redemption[1994]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG.avi

AndreaMosaic Home Page

With this freeware program you can create your own photomosaics made with your own pictures. A photo-mosaic is a mosaic where every tile is a photograph and not just a simple colored piece.

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Can you have too much ease-of-use?

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Photo: Snooze, from Flickr (CC)

Stipping things down to the bare minimum is Apples mantra. But isn’t easy equal to boring? Excerpt from an interesting article on the subject:

Think about it… skiing, dancing, chess, photography, flying, dressage, gardening, dog training, environmental activism, religion… when people are into any of those things passionately (as opposed to casually supportive), they keep wanting to get better! People who are passionate always have an opportunity (which they grab) to keep improving. To keep learning more. To improve their skills and knowledge about whatever it is they love so much. They read and they practice.

So if what you offer doesn’t have any challenges associated with it, and things for which people can continually learn and improve, you’ll have a harder time getting people passionate about it.

Read more on Creating Passionate Users: Can you have too much ease-of-use?

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Retroactif Vol.2

Published januar 14th, 2005 by

Retroactif Vol.2 – The Seven Deadly Sins ?

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62 corvette!

Published oktober 21st, 2004 by

2004 Grand National Roadster Show A 62 Corvette, one of the finest automobiles ever made, tricked out with a LS6 motor. Want!

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StickerNation :: International Sticker Network

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Found: Australian Travel Posters from the 1930s – 1950s

Published april 25th, 2003 by

Follow The Sun – Australian Travel Posters 1930s – 1950s

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