Kunst Knust – salgsustilling på Kafé Soil / Taps

I hele januar 2017 henger noen av bildene mine på koselige Kafé Soil / Taps på Bakklandet i Trondheim. Ta turen for en chilikaffe eller håndtverksøl. De fleste bildene er tegnet i samarbeid med min selvbygde tegnemaskin.

DIY: Homemade drawing charcoal

I wanted to test using drawing charcoal with my drawing machines, and decided to try to make my own instead of buying from eBay. Charcoal is made by burning (cooking?) wood in an oxygen-starved environment. I took a tea-leaf tin (bought in Tokyo many years ago, sad to see it go), and punched a small… Fortsett å lese DIY: Homemade drawing charcoal

Idea: Mad Max RC car

Idéa / Work in process: I was gifted this solid radio controlled car wreck after Maker Fair Trondheim 2016. It pays to have a rumor as a hoarder :) The engine top is cracked, and one wheel is missing, but the rest of the car seems to be intact, and the frame seems to be… Fortsett å lese Idea: Mad Max RC car

Project: Fallout Radio

One of my favorite things in the fallout games is the radio soundtrack, and lately I’ve been playing with the idea of making a real life version, using this old Norwegian made vintage radio.  Components: Raspberry pi Mini amp Power supply for amp and Raspberry Other: Access to original soundtrack Figure out IO hookup and… Fortsett å lese Project: Fallout Radio